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I have successfully published my company app on app store and google play in the past but now I have to publish app for other company (my client). How do I achieve that? What are the steps? Can someone share their experience on this?

  1. Can I just follow ? Are the steps the same for my own app?
  2. Once compiled, I can just give them the IPA & APK file so they can upload it using their own Google account & Apple Dev account?
  3. How the client can upload their IPA for Apple if they don’t have Application Loader?


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  1. Yes
  • for ios you will need access to their apple account or they need to generate credentials for you
  • for android if this is not new app on play store you will need to get keystore from client, if it’s new app new Keystore will be generated by expo(be careful not to lose it)
  1. yes, but for ios, it’s simpler if they invite you to their apple team.
  2. “Application Loader” was deprecated, now Transporter is used for that, but they will need to have transporter installed.
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Is this the same if they invite me to their apple account? Using my existing email instead of creating one for me?

If they have an organization account then they can invite your existing account to the team and give you necessary permissions. If they have just regular developer account there is no way to invite others.


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