publish android app on playstore for free

I have completed a project using react native and successfully created .apk file. I have no google playstore account. is there any way to publish it. is there any community to publish my application on google playstore. or any individual.

Hey @naveedshah,

There is not free way to publish your app on the Play Store. You’ll have to pay the one-time 25 USD fee. You’ll probably run into friction trying to get someone else to publish your app for you (and I would recommend against it) as the owner of the account will be held liable for any violations, issues, etc caused by an app under their umbrella.



You’re welcome!

btw there should be a community on expo who can publish the apps on playstore for free.

As I mentioned before, that’s not something we would want to support or encourage as whomever’s account it would be would be liable for other’s apps. So say for instance some bad character got an app uploaded to the Play Store and then pushed an OTA update that added something malicious or inappropriate, the owner of the account would get in trouble.

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