Publish a lower SDK version in release-channel

For reasons beyond my control, we have three versions of an Expo based app on user devices. One on SDK32, one on SDK34 and one on SDK35. All of them are on release channel ‘default’.

If I publish an update to default, which targets SDK32, but which is later (higher build number) than the ones on SDK34 and SDK35, will they update (since it’s a lower SDK version), or is Expo smart enough to not downgrade to a previous SDK version in the same release channel?

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Expo will not download JS that was compiled against a different SDK version than what the app binary supports, so you should be good. Release channels are intended as as way to isolate JS updates to particular versions of the app when the SDK is the same.


Thanks @llamaluvr. I’ll do a test and be ready to rollback if something goes awry.

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