provisioning profile certificate its not mapping in apple development store ?

exp build:ios in this command in terminal then got .ipa file. But i got one more error in expo build time like “provisioning profile is not mapping” . After .ipa file put in to iTunes getting installation failed . (.ipa) file is not install in my iphone device.

  1. I have checking in two platform - Ubuntu and imac .
  2. Trying Certificate handle by Expo and Manual certificate create
  3. I am using EXPO (create-react-native-app)

Please give me any solution and example or brief explain for this issue. I have struggle last 4 days.

Hey @praba123, sorry you’ve been struggling for 4 days.

Most of our documentation and knowledge around building apps to the app store is here:

When it comes to “provisioning profile is not mapping”:

  • It is possible for you to get in a situation where you have to revoke certifications from, if that is the case then you will need to clear out the certs, and make sure you have at least one spot for a new dist cert. Then you can run exp build:ios -c. If you run this command without clearing out the certs on apples end, you can expect an error.
  • You cannot have more than 1 provisioning profile per appname.

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