Properly Stopping Expo CLI Server

I start the server with expo start but how do I stop it? I intuitively tried expo stop but that command doesn’t exist. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to purposefully shut down the server. I could close the tab, but is that best practice?

closing tab is fine i believe cc @fson. ctrl+c, the typical way to exit terminal programs, also works.

@fson - it’s probably worth us mentioning somewhere in cli how to close so it’s clear for everyone

Ah yes, duh! ctrl+c… I was in a different terminal tab where it was less obvious that the server was even running. And with so many tabs open, I had trouble finding “the one”. A problem I never had with the expo client, which I still prefer actually as I also tend to have a ton of browser tabs open, causing the expo tab to get lost. It’s not the best experience IMHO.

FYI: closing the tab does nothing to stop the server.

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