Projects working only in DEBUGGING mode


I’m having some troubles with my projects in expo. They seemed to work fine until I updated expo XDE to 2.22.0 version this morning, then, they started to fail for one reason or another.

I updated the Expo client in my cellphone, updated all the projects to SDK 23 and erase all packagers, cache and all, and even started new projects and copied the old files into the new projects. Nothing worked.

The only way I got things to work is by activating the debugger mode either in the simulator or in my cellphone. It’s a very strange behavior and I’m not receiving any kind of error or message.

Any guess? Thanks.

Hey there, I’d appreciate a bit more info about what you’re seeing that isn’t working. Can you describe:

  • What behavior you expect to see, and
  • What you are seeing instead of the expected behavior?

Thanks ben,

I previously published a version of my project in . It detects the user location (although in that version you might need to open the app twice before your location is correctly retrieve) and lets the user to interact with some markers within the map (not in your location probably) . It also had a Drawer navigator that worked fine.

After the update:

  1. The user location is not being detected with Location.getCurrentPositionAsync({}); Now, the Mapview is loading in some random coordinates and it makes the expo client to crash.
  2. The drawer navigator (from React Navigator) doesn’t do anything even if I erase the Mapview component.

Like i said, the weird thing is that when debugging remotely, it looks to work just as intended.

I think I have to mention that Redux and Redux Thunk are being used in the projects.



I read that the latest released SDK (23.0.0) changed a behavior in Metro bundler. This is taken from EXPO blog:

React Native now defaults enableBabelRCLookup (recursive) to false in Metro bundler (the packager used by React Native / Expo). This is unlikely to cause any problems for your application — in our case, this lets us remove a script to delete nested …

I don’t quite understand how changing the Metro Bundler config can affect the overall functionality of my projects, but I suspect there could be a difference between the packager when debugging is being done in XDE or remotely. That could explain why my components work fine in remote debugging.

Does anyone have any suggestion?

Thank you.

I’m having the same issue… on Andriod, the app crashes and throws an Invariant Violation error, but if remote debugging is turned on, it works. On iOS it seems to not be affected.

I’m having the same issue on Android, any ideas or updates on this?
I’m also using Redux and Redux Thunk.

The same issue here on iOS. I have a barcode scanner app. If I am in debugging mode everything works fine.
As soon as I leave the debugging mode I get random errors. One time the app doesn’t start at all another time the camera (taken from the expo example) is loaded and I can even scan but get the fetching spinner for all eternity.
Unfortunatelly I can not further look into the problem since I have to leave debugging :smile:

I am having a similar error. I am currently integrating Plaid. When you finish adding your banking information and exit Plaid, it returns a blank screen, and eventually expo crashes. In debugging mode, it returns the next screen as it should and the app doesn’t crash.