Project not working for Android on any version of Gradle


I have an Expo project, which for some reason stopped working for me.
Currently, it is set to 3.5.1 version for Gradle Plugin Version and 5.4.1 Gradle version.

Running npx react-native run-android results in > No such property: username for class: java.lang.String.

Google for a couple hours I found some advice recommending trying to upgrade the gradle version(s).
I used Android Studia to try quite a few of them. Around version 7.0 (and above) of Gradle the error changes to: Plugin with id 'maven' not found as per the ticket here: Plugin with id ‘maven’ not found. · Issue #12774 · expo/expo · GitHub

I’m currently blocked from working on my project because of this. Is there any who has any advice for how one could run it?

Hey @ewatrzemzalska, not sure how much configuration you’ve done within your android directory but one thing you could try is to delete your android dir and re-run expo eject and see if that straightens things out. Just make sure you’ve push your commits to a repo before doing so.


I tried to remove the android folder and eject it again, but the problem still occurs, I have no idea how can I fix that.