Problems with push notification

Good afternoon. I have two questions regarding the use of the expo.
How to make the device (for example, android) receive push notifications even when the application started from the apk is turned off. I made push notifications using this document
The second question is, how do I connect the module, requiring multiple changes in the manifest android (AndroidManifest.hml, android / build.gradle, android / app / build.gradle) so that I could continue to use the expo. For example, I want to use this module: signal
I used detach, made edits, and the expo stopped running the project.
Thank you


push notifications always come in regardless of whether the app is open or not. that’s just the way they work. if you aren’t seeing them then either (a) the app is open and the app isn’t choosing to display them or (b) you have your phone’s settings configured to not show notifications or (c) the notifications aren’t being sent or received properly and you have a bug (or our service or apple or google’s services are having issues) or (d) you are using the ios simulator or an android emulator where notifications just don’t work (not bc of anything with expo but just bc notifications aren’t supported in those environments)


Thanks for the answer. Perhaps you are talking about the work of the application inside the expo. But I’m interested in their behavior after the assembly of the apk. I assembled, installed the device on the android and started testing. Notifications come when the application is running or is in the background. But when the app is turned off completely the notifications are not coming. (that is, there is no service that listens for notification)

what do you mean you assembled and what do you mean you installed the device on the android? i don’t understand those terms.