Problems to login in firebase using Expo [SOLVED]

Hello, I am experiencing a problem with my application developed with Expo, using Firebase as a database. My application works without problems in my network or outside of it, either using data or wifi.
I uploaded the application to Play Store and it works wonders. But with iTunes they reject me the application at every moment saying that they can not log in with the credentials I gave them, I test them and everything works fine.

Today looking for that it can be the error that does not happen to me on android, I find that a friend has an iPhone 5S, we did tests with the Expo (I passed the test development account) and can not log in either.

I uploaded the 170mb binary to iTunes Connect, they enabled it to use with TestFlight, I downloaded the test and in my iPhone 6 Plus it works great, but Apple keeps rejecting the binaries for not being able to login.

They attribute this to IPv6, which on an iPad can not log in either. But I still can do all that.

I honestly do not know how to reproduce an error that does not appear to me. In Expo I used to use the iPhone application for tests but from iTunes store there is no way to accept the application.

Have you had any experience with this? Someone to guide me? Honestly I do not know what to do anymore because I, and several others, works for us.

Any idea is very helpful.

Thank you.

Hi, the ipv6 message from Apple usually isn’t an attribution, they are just letting you know what type of network their reviewers test everything on. There might be some other issue from Apple’s perspective - do they have credentials to log in? Are they able to view the login button on an iPad or is it cut off by the interface?

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Hello, Ben! I think I solved it. Thanks for informing me about how they do the tests with respect to IPv6.
I do not understand why … but the problem was that if I logged in but did not change the home screen, the strange thing is that I tried several phones and emulators with ios and it works fine, but with 3 iphone no … so I had to change some things in my code and it was solved. In the iPad you can see more or less the screen, the button looks good and starts, but I did not support the iPad.

I read your documentation and it is clear, only that I was lost because I could not understand the error that was given to them and not to me.
Luckily, already solved.
Thank you.

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