Problems logging in to Expo Go

I have created an organization in and invited several co-workers to it. I have one co-worker who was able to create an account on, but when attempting to log into her account in Expo Go, is unable to. Whenever she tries to log in, she sees the error “Must be logged in to perform this operation.” We are stuck and unable to help her. I’ve had her delete the app, redownload and open again. - and she is still seeing that error on attempting to login. Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

Hey @kencmds, can you let me know what platform she is encountering the issue on? Also, is she able to log out and back in successfully on Can you also have her try to authenticate via the cli via expo login?

I’m having the same issue. I can successfully log into and authenticate via cli. Using the app asks to open, and then results in “must be logged in to perform this operation”.

Client Version:

Update: Turns out my coworker had Firefox set as her default browser on the device. When she switched the default browser to Safari, she was able to log in.

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