Problems getting started

Hi there,
I am following a pluralsite course for getting started with React Native development and he suggests using expo. I am however having difficult following the tutorial.

I create a sample app and change the settings to localhost and http; I can access this fine in my browser. It opens a json file which as I understand is expected behaviour.

I then change the settings to be lan and protocol exp. I then get the following link:

I try and hit this on my android device using the expo app and get error "could not load

If I click logs I see

I figured this was because im trying to get to localhost so I downloaded Ngrok and set it to open my port 1900 however it does not support the exp protocol. I then changed it to http, however this then opens it in chrome on my device and just shows me the json.

I’m kind of stuck now…please can someone help me get this working?

Is your Android device connected to your machine via USB? Also, are using the Expo XDE app? There is a button on the app labeled “Device”. Clicking that and selecting “Open On Android” will send the app to your phone. This technique has worked for me consistently.

I haven’t done the pluralsite course, so sorry if I’m stating the obvious.