Problem With Renewing Push Notification Certificate

Our Apple push notification expired and we were getting error messages: “The Apple Push Notification service credentials for your app have expired: certificate has expired: 2019-04-24T11:56:29.000Z. Clear and create new credentials or upload new credentials to Expo.”

We ran the exp build:ios command with ‘-c’ and ‘no-publish’ and now it seems like some push notifications are going through but we still get a lot of those expired certificate error messages. Any ideas about what could be making only some of them fail? Does it have to do with certain push tokens?

Hey @jonsgreen,

That may be the case. Have you migrated to FCM? If you can hone in on some tokens that are failing, it may be worth checking them with the Delivery Tool we provide.

One other thing, exp has long been replaced by expo-cli. I would strongly recommend installing that via npm or yarn as we’ve made a plethora of changes since the sunset of exp.


That for your response. We have migrated to FCM and our issue here is just with Apple.

We may actually have a bigger problem now because it seems like we are not able to register new push token. Is it possible that changing certificates we are getting failures when we call Notifications.getExpoPushTokenAsync?

Never mind. I figured out that new push tokens are working just fine. Thanks again.

Glad to hear things are working!

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