Problem with expo-camera zoom

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  1. SDK Version: * Android SDK Platform 31
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
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First of all, thanks to such an amazing Expo sdk, I can not imagine a life without it.
Nowadays, Im trying expo-camera on my project, using create-react-native-app, on Android.
The problem happened on zoom, when I set my zoom to 1(maximum), it seems like enlarged about 6x then usual, but my origin Android device’s system camera can zoom to 10x.
the same problem happens when I change device to Samsung Galaxy S22, it’s original camera can set maximum zoom to 20x, but in expo-camera it seems like 6~8x is maximum (when setZoom=1).
So is that the zoom is not affected by the camera of device, it has it’s own zoom magnification? Thanks.