Problem with EAS Build and Expo-in-app-purchases

I am getting errors when trying to build. I recently integrated IAP into the app. But the build keeps failing at the FastLane part of the script. I looked in the code and it looks like its failing at the Switch statement. I do not understand the reason why though.

is this a managed app or what? does it build locally?

No, it’s using the bare workflow. I have a few bare react-native packages but I still use expo start to develop. And yes it builds fine locally

are you using the same version of xcode locally as on eas build? Build server infrastructure - Expo Documentation

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Hey I was able to solve the issue by editing the eas.json file and changing the following line:

  "image": "latest"

My local machines running Big Sur. So the issue was probably in the different versions of macOS. Thanks!

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