Problem With Auth0 Integration

I’m trying to integrate Auth0 into my login process by following the example here . Unfortunately, I am having some problems. First, the auth0 documentation gives a different redirect URL than the example. The documentation is here:, and provides a customized redirect address for each auth0 user. If there is a requirement to use the “exp://” based URL (altered to my own exp:// address) as shown in the example, then what should the redirect URL be in production? It doesn’t seem sensible that it would point to my development environment.

Second, when I do actually get a page open using Expo.WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync I get a webpage that only shows “ok” in the upper right corner of the page. This is similar to the error mentioned on this page

Looking into it some more, I think this is correct behavior. The OK seems to imply that I am already logged in with facebook. However, I have so far been unable to get Linking.addEventListener working in order to respond to the callback url.

Your redirect url in development and production does indeed change. I recommend checking out Constants.linkingUri. Sorry there are very few docs about deep linking at this point, we’re working on improving that for next release.