Problem using 'repeat' when calling scheduleLocalNotificationAsync in IOS

When including ‘repeat’ in the schedulingOptions object passed to scheduleLocalNotificationAsync function, the notification never fires.
It works however, with the ‘repeat’ property removed. This is occurs on IOS.

Hey @gidtk,

Could you create a reproducible example of this, ideally in the form of a Snack so that we can test it on our end?


Thanks for responding.
I’ve read that scheduling local notifications is being deprecated from forthcoming IOS releases. I’ve refactored the app to avoid the requirement. The app now schedules the next notification each time the app is brought into the foreground. Problem solved.

However, I now face the problem of not being able to remove scheduled local notifications. I end up with several duplicate notifications getting triggered at the same time.

How do I remove scheduled notifications on IOS?

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