Problem testing with SNS without detaching

It’s me again :sweat_smile:

We’re now trying to get notifications working with SNS but when we tried to send we get an error that say:
“No experience found for id null”, we know that we’ve to provide an experienceId within “data” key, when we tested this in postman this works:

  "to": "token_device",
  "data": {
    "notificationExperienceUrl": "exp://",
    "title": "Hi mum",
    "message": "Works notification",
    "experienceId": "@name/app_slug",
    "isMultiple": false,
    "remote": true,
        { "body": "",
          "icon": ""

But if i paste this in the SNS console we receive the error :confused: do you know what we’re missing?? :frowning:

Thanks for all! :smiley:

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