Problem in building app using eas

Hello dears,
I tried building my app using sudo eas build -p android, and I keep getting this error,

Compressing project files and uploading to EAS Build. Learn more:
✖ Compressing project files
    Error: Cannot copy a socket file: /Users/halkawtsalih/Library/Developer/Xcode/GPUToolsAgent.sock

Also, When I try to to build eliminator version, I get this error,

:rotating_light: If the build is not installable on your simulator because of “… is damaged and can’t be opened.”, please run:
xattr -rd /path/to/

My eas version: eas-cli/0.57.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.16.0

  1. you shouldn’t use sudo
  2. that is just a warning to let you know if you do see that error when installing the build, this is how to resolve it. i believe this has only happened on some specific versions of xcode and so isn’t likely to occur.
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If I do not user sudo, it gives me a warning saying that some files needs to have permission to copy or something.

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Hi mahdi, did you resolved this error?
I’ve also encountered this one, if you were able to resolve kindly help!!

I just kept using expo command for the moment. Cuz, I could not solve it for now.

Hi Mahdi,
I just solved the problem.

In my case I had to manually delete npm cache from programfiles/username/appdata/npm cache.