Problem in building app using eas

Hello dears,
I tried building my app using sudo eas build -p android, and I keep getting this error,

Compressing project files and uploading to EAS Build. Learn more:
✖ Compressing project files
    Error: Cannot copy a socket file: /Users/halkawtsalih/Library/Developer/Xcode/GPUToolsAgent.sock

Also, When I try to to build eliminator version, I get this error,

:rotating_light: If the build is not installable on your simulator because of “… is damaged and can’t be opened.”, please run:
xattr -rd /path/to/

My eas version: eas-cli/0.57.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.16.0

  1. you shouldn’t use sudo
  2. that is just a warning to let you know if you do see that error when installing the build, this is how to resolve it. i believe this has only happened on some specific versions of xcode and so isn’t likely to occur.
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If I do not user sudo, it gives me a warning saying that some files needs to have permission to copy or something.

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Hi mahdi, did you resolved this error?
I’ve also encountered this one, if you were able to resolve kindly help!!

I just kept using expo command for the moment. Cuz, I could not solve it for now.

Hi Mahdi,
I just solved the problem.

In my case I had to manually delete npm cache from programfiles/username/appdata/npm cache.

i got the same issue but none of other solutions working. i am on windows 11 with node 16.16.0, expo 48.0.7

The error message in the original post looks like it is caused by eas trying to upload your whole home directory to the build server instead of just your app.

That might happen if it thinks your home directory is the root of your project. And that might happen if you have package.json, app.json, node_modules in your home directory.

Also, the actual root of your app should have package.json, app.json (or app.config.js or similar), node_modules, etc. and usually also a .git directory.

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thanks, that was exacly my problem,i just needed to use git init before build

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