Print expo not workin in release mode

I use the exemple in the print expo doc, to generate html to pdf through a button. It works, but when i build the apk and use it on my android phone, the button doesn’t work in release mode
Do i need android permission or something ?

same here any one with same issue…How did you mitigate this??

I had the same problem, not being able to use Print in Release mode.
Analyzing the logs a little using adb logcat, I identified that the file path was not found, even though it was being imported correctly.
The alternative that my team and I followed was to use the images within the page that performed the Print request, so that the path of the images was forced to be found. And then with CSS we gave a display: "none" to not appear on the screen next to the button.
That way we were able to use Print, even with local images.