Preview pdf, doc, xls, ppt and allow to open or print

Hi there!

I need in my app to preview files: pdf, doc, xls, ppt and allow to share file (show system menu) open with or send to print. I’ve tried to use for previewing WebView but sometime it can’t pdf correctly. And social share does show print and open with. I found this module for react-native which provides these functions. But I don’t want to detach Expo.

Is it possible to realise these features without detaching Expo ?

Hi @mrikirill! The next SDK version will have support for printing PDFs at least. Not sure it’ll support all the other formats you listed. We don’t have a native way to preview without a webview, so you will have to detach if you want to do that.

Hi @jesse ! It sounds good! In most cases WebView can preview doc, xls, ppt. But I need to allow to open this file with other app or print. I mean just show the system menu open with… see the screenshot
I can’t find how to create this menu in Expo Doc and React Native doc

In my app I need:

  1. Download file to device storage by using this api That clear
  2. Preview this file possibly by using WebView…
  3. Allow to open/share/print this file <-- I have a problem with this stage. I’ve tried to use React Native Share but it does’t show system options print and open with other apps

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