Preventing having to log in again when restarting the app

I have an app that authenticates with a Rails backend and uses fetch with credentials: 'include' in the params to log in and then in each request. This works as long as I keep the app open. But if I close it and restart it the cookie is gone and I need to login again, which is a bit annoying. Is there a way I can store this cookie or do something else so that the user doesn’t have to keep logging in every time they restart the app?

Coookie? You should handle user session as you do in single page application.
Don’t use session cookie but a token instead.

You don’t have to go for JWT, you can simply generate a random unique token and authorize the user with it. Please read about token authentication if you haven’t done that before! Lots of resources out there.

Yes, we are going to transition to tokens soon I hope, it’s a better solution. But in the meantime I’m investigating a quick fix with cookies would work.

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