Prevent initial "Hello there" popup

Is it possible to disable the initial “Hello there” dev tools popup from showing? I’m attempting to run some e2e tests using with Appium on iOS, and I’d rather not have to click through that popup all the time.

The test session starts out by installing, opens Exponent, then loads the app via URL (e.g., exp:// Every time the app loads, I get the welcome popup:

I’ve tried disabling dev mode with expo start --no-dev, but that doesn’t appear to make a difference.

While not quite what I was going for, this is helpful:

for iOS - if you can set NSUserDefaults, set EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey to true (detox supports this, unsure about what webdriver provides)
for Android - launch the intent with the extras key EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey set to true

(this is what we do on when launching simulators)


Thanks – that worked! After a bit of trial and error, I ended up initializing my session with this (Appium +

const remote = await wdRemote({
	capabilities: {
		platformName: 'iOS',
		platformVersion: '14.1',
		deviceName: 'iPhone Simulator',
		automationName: 'XCUITest',
		app: `${__dirname}/bin/`,
		// browserName is required, even for mobile
		browserName: '',
		// Dismiss the "Open in Expo" alert
		autoAcceptAlerts: true,
		// Prevent the onboarding popup
		processArguments: {
			args: ['-EXKernelDisableNuxDefaultsKey', 'true'],
	port: 4723,
	path: '/wd/hub',
	logLevel: 'silent',
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Hi guys,

I am struggling in order to hide the Hello there popup in android I have tried with optionalIntentArguments: ‘–ez appWaitForLaunch: true true’ inside my wdio config but I dont’ know that else to do… In iOS is working properly. Any suggestion? Unfortunately I don’t understand @notbrent comment.