Possible to do OTA updates on bare workflow app built with `eas build`?

I see on the EAS pricing page that OTA Updates is listed as a coming soon feature - https://expo.io/pricing. I have been using eas-cli to build and submit my bare workflow app. Is it currently not possible to publish an over-the-air update to my bare workflow app?

I know that the expo-cli, specifically expo build:ios does not work for building bare apps.

I ejected from Managed to Bare because I had to support In-App Payments. The change I want to publish OTA is not related to the native payment module, which is why I ejected in the first place.


EAS Update is coming soon - this is the next generation of our current OTA hosting service. But you can use the current version (expo publish and so on, as described in the docs for bare apps) just fine. Using EAS Update - Expo Documentation