Possible for home screen shortcut/icon for a Published expo go app?

After I have opened, from within Expo Go, someone’s published Expo Go app via a URL (e.g. https://exp.host/@someusers/WonderfulApp which they made into a QR), is there any way to create an Android/iOS home screen shortcut icon so I don’t have to look through my Expo Go client’s history to find and re-run the app?

I am not referring to standalone apps, but apps that one publishes simply with command line “expo publish” or from the link “Publish or republish project” in the browser-based Expo Developer Tools.

Thank you!

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A workaround for iOS is to create a shortcut in the Shortcuts app that opens the URL in the form of exp://expo.host/@user/app. Then from the shortcut you can “Add to Home Screen”.