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Using a managed EAS build and dev clients, is there a plugin for health app integration for android similar to the ios supported react-native-health? Using instructions here: Apple HealthKit/Google Fit Data | Voters | Expo , we have apple health integrated; however we cannot identify a solution for android. Aside from step count which i know is available through Pedometer, we hope to access distance traveled, calories burned, and exercise duration.

It looks like this should work, as long as you build with EAS Build:

You can get the “SHA-1 Certificate Fingerprint” from Go to the Credentials for the project. Maybe give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Brilliant. Thank you for leading us down this path. We adapted the react-native-google-fit Installation Guide) just a bit to get where we needed to be. Our steps were as follows (EAS Build)

  • expo install react-native-google-fit
  • created a new development build
  • followed instructions HERE for adding OAuth Key. First activating fitness API, then creating the credential (Used the “SHA-1” you recommended from expo project)
  • Then just added their sample code to the project. Worked quite well.


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