Please remove featured, staff picks and examples from main page since they can no longer be run

At you list a bunch of expo projects under Featured, Staff Picks and Examples. For most people, these projects can no longer be run because you removed the QR code scanner and + button from your app. Even on iOS 11, if I scan the QR codes with the camera, a little “Open in Expo” notification pops up, but then when your expo app opens, it refuses to show me the app for the QR I just scanned, claiming "
Expo Client can only be used to view your own projects". So the only people that can view these projects are either the people who own the projects (and they could already view them before expo) or maybe Android users. But these examples are basically useless and unviewable for iOS users. Since they cannot be viewed, since it is frustrating to see the examples only to find out time and again that they cannot be viewed, these examples should be removed. Or at a minimum a giant warning should be displayed “these examples cannot be viewed on iOS”.

Or is there another way to view these examples?


CC: @jimmylee
Well these things don’t apply to Android. We just recently had to change the app so you can no longer open others projects on iOS.
I think you can still run other peoples snacks.

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