Playstore Warning

Hi, i am using SDK Version 40 and trying to upload aab file on play store. But it is showing this warning

This App Bundle contains native code, and you’ve not uploaded debug symbols. We recommend you upload a symbol file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug. Learn More

i have read in this link about that issue. Some people resolve it by switch to old google play console. But as i know old Play Console will be discontinued starting November 2, 2020, so i can not try that way.
Thanks your helping!

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this is just a warning and you can continue to submit your app just fine. it is a change on google’s side and we will add support for it when we upgrade gradle to the latest version (this feature looks like it was supported as of gradle 4.1.0).


Thank you for your quick response :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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