Play store upload certificate difference

I have seen other posts in here but none of them seem to really address the issue. Expo seems to have changed something in the process of signing android apps. Maybe it’s only happening to certain accounts, but the SHA-1 for my latest android build differs from the previous one’s I had.

That means I cannot update my playstore app.

Nothing in my app.json configuration was changed other than “versionCode” and “buildNumber”.

Is there anything I can do? I did not fetch credentials before this change. Is there anyway I could possibly get access to my earlier keystore - assuming that is the issue, and not something else?

Hi! This is an extremely serious problem. I’m investigating it, and you have information which might really help me.

What is your account name? What is the name of the app? What was the id of the build which produced the file you cannot submit? When did you run that build (either in utc or including your time zone offset)? Have you tried rebuilding it since then?

I will provide the details over a private message with more information

same problem with me !

@alexjamin If you tell me your experience id (expo user name and app name), I will try to restore your old credentials. In return, after I do that, could you please try building the app again and report the results? Any builds you create after that should have the correct certificates.

e: That goes for anyone reading this: If you’re experiencing this problem, please message me your expo user name and app name so I can fix it for you.

Hi Nick, I am having this issue? I don’t see how to private message you though here.

Hey @nicknovitski the account and app are: @chargefox/chargefox

We spent all of yesterday trying to resolve this issue.

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