Plans for upgrading RN Version to >= 0.59.0

Hey was wondering if anyone new the timeline for upgrading the Expo RN version up to include hooks. One of the things I love about building RN apps after building out a React web app is the ability to reuse so much logic and just swap out the UI parts. I am starting a codebase update using a lot of hooks and would love to be able to reuse that in my app soon. This is not a deal breaker either way but if anyone knows (Ehm… @tsapeta? :eyes: ) I would love to know what that timeline looks like.

Hey @scasarotto,

Can’t give you an exact timeline, but I suggest subscribing to our blog Exposition and following the Expo twitter account , that way you will hear about any announcements we make regarding SDK 33 and upgrading to RN 0.59!

Also- supporting hooks is in progress :slight_smile:

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