Plans for Sentry for native crash?

SDK Version: ^37.0.0
Platforms: Android and iOS

Is there plans (timeline) for native crash support for Expo in the managed workflow? I’m really looking forward to this.

Hey @noitidart,

Thanks for your interest in Expo. We don’t have any current or active plans to add sentry’s native crash support.


Darn. Is there any native crash reporting thats compatible with managed expo?
Thanks for fast reply.

both apple and google provide crash traces for you automatically (see “Crashes and ANRs” in the google play console and this link about Apple’s crash reporting) but those won’t be wired up to the js side. we manage the native runtime in the expo managed workflow so it wouldn’t be particularly useful for a developer to know about this anyhow, it would be like getting traces for when chrome crashes on your website. that said, the direction we’re moving with expo will make it possible for developers to do this.

This is very helpful thanks Brent!

My worry was when I do get a native crash, it has to be due to something I did from JS. I was wondering how to figure that part out.

Ill try out the Sentry I just installed it for first time.

You can use bugsnag:

I don’t think bugsnag for expo does native crashes. Does it?

From doc:

Detect native and JS errors with one library
Get full stacktraces for all React Native errors in a single project, made possible with support for sourcemaps for JavaScript, dSYMS, and Proguard mapping files for native iOS and Android

Thanks! But sentry docs also say that it does native. But when used with expo it doesn’t. So im worrying the same with bugsnag, that if used with expo it wont catch native :frowning:

it won’t but if you want to use native crash reporting that ties in to js in one crash report then you will need to use bare workflow for now

Thanks Brent for super fast reply! Ill try Sentry then. Anyone have any preferences of Sentry over Bugsnag?

But sentry docs also say that it does native.

No. You need to read the doc first. See Note: Native crash reporting is not available with sentry-expo in the managed workflow.

Sentry doc:

While I appreciate anyone who champions reading documentation thoroughly, please approach it with a kinder tone in the future!

Thanks Sam. I mispoke I meant to say the expo docs on sntry. I appreciate your help! I’m going to use Sentry for non-native for now and see how it goes Ill report back.

Thanks Adam for the sensitivity.

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Yes, I’m an Ionic/Angular Mobile dev and these days learning React Native with Expo. So please share your findings here.

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