Placing picture into local album on iOS

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According to expo documentation:

MediaLibrary.addAssetsToAlbumAsync(assets, album, copyAssets) this would save assets to a camera roll.
My code is here:

const photoData = await; const asset = await MediaLibrary.createAssetAsync(photoData.uri); const storeInAlbum = MediaLibrary.addAssetsToAlbumAsync(asset, 'testingRoll', false)

I can confirm the picture is taken. Also that the picture is saved to my general camera roll. However the storeInAlbum does not place the asset in album. I don’t get an error, just doesn’t do anything.

I can confirm “testingRoll” is a valid album. I’ve ran this to ensure that we have access to it:

I have even attempted to push asset into an array assets. Still no luck. What am I missing here?

Hey @impactcolor,

This may just be an omission from your forum post but you’re missing an await before you call MediaLibrary.addAssets....


I fixed that just now but still not appearing.
Is the asset being passed correct by being the uri only?

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