placeholder error in the form.js

Good night. I’m desenvolved aplicattion with name field, age and state ,what is the page Form.js. Moreover, for access the Form.js you use the screen of navegation. So, I’am with problem, possibily, in the Form.js, given that when I test show up placeholder don’t exist. Can someone help me.

The image is Form.js where is the placeholder. If need more image I send


I sennd the one image, because I’m limited

According to my knowledge you have to make sure there are no syntax errors in your form.js file. A missing semicolon or a syntax mistake can cause issues. Ensure that all parentheses, brackets, and curly braces are properly closed and Double-check that you are targeting the correct input field with the placeholder attribute. Ensure that the selector matches the ID, class, or element name of the input field.


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