Persistence Storage layer that serves as Model

I am looking to frame my model (in memory representation of data) and storage layer (persisted representation).

I’m not doing a TODO app, but let’s frame the rest of this as if it were.

In theory, I’d like to combine redux and sql. I am used to the actions and reducers in redux and think it’s a great way to represent the models. At the same time the data will include things that are static and pre-defined (let’s say, todo categories) and things that are dynamic (todos). Sql seems like a great way to be able to download the static .db as well as create new tables to include new data. Also seems like a great way to query the data.

Are there any examples of programs with complex data and the modeling and storage of it?

Let’s say our app has a view that is a list of todos. We want to support 2 actions: filtering by category, as well as adding a todo. What do you think the best flow for this is? I apologize for the open ended question, happy to clarify any way I can.

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