[Permission] [iOS] How to specify only permission for “Location when-in-use”?

In Permission module, there is only one Location.


If I only use Location When-In-Use, but not Always, how can I specify this when askAsync()?


I am testing askAsync(Permissions.LOCATION) on published app and standalone app, and it asks for When-In-Use permission only.

However, I got rejected from Apple recently (the app is out for a few months already) as the app Missing Info.plist key: NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription. (I only included NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription)

Maybe related to some changes in iOS 11 that user can choose the type of permission to grant?

Hi, sorry about this. This is a known issue that we’re working on resolving right now. We believe Apple changed the way they validate binaries. See https://expo.statuspage.io

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Hi there, we’ve deployed a fix to our app builder. If you rebuild your binary, it won’t contain a dependency on NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription any more.

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