Permission error during dependencies installation of EAS Build when using newer version of node


I recently tried setting the node version for my build in eas.json to “16.8.0” (using the “node” property of the build profile). The installation of that version of node during the build seemed to work fine. My project includes another npm package as a dep via local path (the dependency project is another directory/npm project inside the top level one and the install works fine locally), and that dependency has a “prepare” lifecycle script that runs “npx bob build” (from react-native-builder-bob).

During the deps installation step, when the prepare script is run, there is a permission error:

[stderr] npm ERR! command sh -c npx bob build
[stderr] npm ERR! sh: 1: npx: Permission denied

A similar error occurs if the script is just bob build as well (without npx). I’m wondering if this is an issue with EAS Build, since it seems permissions may be messed up after updating node, or if it has something to do with the way I’m using a local path for a dep. I don’t get this error when I don’t use a different version of node than the default.


Is this error happening on eas build? or when running builds on your local machine?