Pedometer module requirements

Are there any minimum hardware requirements for Pedometer, running on iOS? I have iPhone 5 (iOS 10.x) and iPad mini (iOS 9.3.5) - both don’t provide the pedometer data.

According to release notes, looks like you need the CoreMotion App on iOS

Did some quick research online and looks like if the app relies on M7 processor’s step tracking data (not sure if CoreMotion does), then you’ll need at least an iPhone 5s.

I would make sure you have CoreMotion installed and then try and find out how it gets its data.

Thanks for the answer. CoreMotion is not the app, it’s OS API, which is alway there… However, it seems you are right and M7+ coprocessor is required for the pedometer API. That is actually rather strange decision by Apple. Android devices perfectly provide pedometer functionality with accelerometer chip only.

I would appreciate if someone advice how to calculate steps w/o this specific API. Some library, which relies on accelerometer data to detect activity type and count steps would be great.

Hey @priezz! Seems like there’s an algorithm for counting steps using the accelerometer on ios in this paper here A high-accuracy step counting algorithm for iPhones using accelerometer | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore

Also some ideas here: iphone - Counting steps using accelerometer or gyroscope - Stack Overflow

Thanks for the links. The first one, unfortunately, is just the abstract with no access to the full paper. This Android Accelerometer Profiling - Stack Overflow StackOverflow discussion is more useful, but still does not provide the ready to go solution.

Here are a few more links to articles on this topic:

Neura - neural network SaaS, which does the job. Neura Developer Website