Pedometer API promises never resolve in Location background tasks

As the title says, none of the Pedometer API promises resolve when called inside a task defined to be ran with Location.startLocationUpdatesAsync and when app goes into background. The following code only works when the app is in foreground.

TaskManager.defineTask(LOCATION_TASK_NAME, async ({ data, error }) => {
  if (error) {
    debug('location task error: %o', error);
  if (data) {
    const { locations } = data;
    debug('locations received: %o', locations);
    try {
      const available = await Pedometer.isAvailableAsync();
      debug('pedometer sensor availablity: %s', available);
    } catch (err) {
      debug('failed to execute background code: %o', err);

The task DOES get called when in the background but the Pedometer isAvailableAsync() promise is never resolved. Is there a known fix to this? Or any workarounds to run Pedometer APIs in the background?

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