Pass initial props to JS in detached iOS app

Is there any way to customise the initial props passed to my root <App> component when running a detached iOS app?
I have been able to do this in android by overriding MainActivity.initialProps but I cannot find an equivalent feature on iOS.

I see that React Native allows you to do this on iOS by using properties on RCTRootView but it seems that this root view is managed by Expo and I can’t seem to get access to it.


If you just need to pass in some static set of props, the easiest thing to do is use the extra key in app.json:

If you need to modify the initial props with some native objective-C logic for whatever reason, we don’t currently expose an easy hook for this. You could subclass EXViewController and modify this logic: and then set the rootViewControllerClass on the ExpoKit singleton to your custom subclass.

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