Packager starting then stopping

I’m on Windows 10, using XDE.

When I start the project up, the packager starts with: “Running packager on port 19001.”

And when I use ngrok’s interface at this address localhost:4040/inspect/http

It goes through successfully, returning “packager-status:running”, and when I check in packager-info.json, I get this

“expoServerPort”: 19000,
“packagerPort”: 19001,
“packagerPid”: 1232,
“expoServerNgrokUrl”: “”,
“packagerNgrokUrl”: “”,
“ngrokPid”: 14004

So the packager seems to be running fine, but when I check the PID listed, there’s nothing there. The log says this

{“name”:“expo”,“hostname”:“DESKTOP-9CEH9KB”,“pid”:16856,“type”:“project”,“project”:“C:\Users\dan\Documents\coding\device-mgr-react”,“level”:20,“tag”:“expo”,“msg”:“packager process exited with code 11”,“time”:“2017-11-27T00:19:31.760Z”,“v”:0}

But I don’t know what an 11 exit code means.

Also when I scan the QR code on my phone, it gives a message where it successfully tunnels, but can’t reach port 19001 (where the packager should be running). I also can’t access it through localhost:19001, so this leads me to belive the packager starts for a second then stops right away.

Any idea why this would happen? Thanks in advance

Okay, it seems like this user was having my exact same problem on linux

But his fix doesn’t help me because it’s a long unix command and I’m not sure how to translate that to Windows

okay so I fixed it by doing the thing I should have thought of first, I deleted /node_modules and re-ran npm install and it’s working now