Owner manifest not recognized in docker when building in Github Actions

I am trying to run a github action to publish my app to a staging release channel when creating or updating a pull request.
The way I do this is through the expo-cli inside of a docker container. The step in my action uses the following command (I use build as I have docker setup with multi stage builds):

run: |
          docker build \
            -t xhudaman/adnroid-dnd:latest \
            --build-arg RELEASE_TARGET=${{ env.RELEASE_TARGET }} \
            --build-arg EXPO_TOKEN=${{ env.EXPO_TOKEN }} \
            --target publish \

The token is recognized and the build fails with the common error: The "owner" manifest property is required when using robot users..
The owner manifest is in fact set in the app.json file with my username as the owner (this is correct since I am the owner). Publishing this way works when running through docker on my local machine.

Anyone have any ideas why this is failing?

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