Outdated or possible wrong docs on gestures page

The page on “gestures” - Add gestures - Expo Documentation - says to npm install -D @babel/plugin-proposal-export-namespace-from however this plugin is not noted on renimated’s official docs - Installation | React Native Reanimated

Are these gesture docs on expo outdated or wrong?

Hi @noitidart, if you are using the latest SDK (47), it installs react-native-reanimated library version 2.12.x. The docs link you shared is only for versions up to 2.10.x. If you select the next version of reanimated library docs from dropdown, you will find the info about installing the babel plugin is mention here: Installation | React Native Reanimated. This is only required if you are planning to run your app on web.

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Oh thank you! That’s super clear!

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