OTA updates and caching bundles within IPA/APK files

Hey everyone,

I started playing around with updates.fallbackToCacheTimeout and according to the docs, if I set it to 0, my standalone app will fetch a new bundle in the background and will only use it when I re-open the app - but it seems like the app is still fetching for the bundle for the first time when the app is installed/updated from the AppStore - is this true? I get a slight delay…

What I’m trying to achieve is having a cached version of the bundle within the IPA/APK file installed from the App Store / Google Play accordingly, so users won’t have to wait until it’s fetched. In addition, I want to set that updates will be fetched in the background and won’t block the UI at run time.

Will these two do the trick?

updates.fallbackToCacheTimeout = 0
assetBundlePatterns = ["/*"]**

BTW - I’m using Expo SDK 30.


Hey @nirpeled,

I believe setting updates.checkAutomatically to 'ON_ERROR_RECOVERY' in your app.json paired with asset bundling will best achieve what you want. Doing so will make it so your app will only look for / fetch an update if an error occurred. You can then use the Updates API and manually check for/download updates when you want or add a listener to do so.



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