OTA update meant for SDK41 are sent to users using SDK 40

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK 41
  2. Android
  3. OTA Updates

According to the documentation, OTA updates are sent only to users with compatible SDK. We are hosting our manifest.json files on firebase and we’re using expo export with a specified release channel. The current google play version has SDK40. After upgrading to SDK41 we built a new version with turtle, expecting that no OTA update will be sent. Users received the update and it was crashing immediately after launch. The error message specified that the reason for crashing was incompatible SDK. We’ve reproduced the same behaviour in our testing environment. Update from 38 to 40 went well. Despite the same release channel, none of the users received the OTA update. Are we doing something wrong?

commands used for publishing and building:

  • npx expo login -u $EXPO_USERNAME -p $EXPO_PASSWORD

  • npx expo export --public-url https://${APP_NAME}${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH}.web.app/

  • firebase deploy --only hosting:${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH} -m ${CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA} --token ${FIREBASE_TOKEN}

  • turtle build:android
    -c ./app.json
    –keystore-path ./${APP_NAME}.jks
    –keystore-alias $EXPO_ANDROID_KEYSTORE_ALIAS
    –public-url https://${APP_NAME}${CI_COMMIT_BRANCH}.web.app/android-index.json
    –type app-bundle
    -o ${APP_NAME}.aab

We’ve checked manifests before and after executing the above commands and SDK versions were different.

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