OTA update feature - Is it guaranteed?

I’ve been wondering if this OTA is safe or not, especial when we build a new feature that could be dangerous because it could violet App review guideline from Apple or Google in some how we don’t attempt to do it?

First of all, I do love OTA update! It’s really helpful when we want to fix an urgent bug since our app was released to Store without re-submit again. However incase a new function, “Upload user’s avatar” for example, if I don’t provide NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription in the app and submit to AppStore to review by traditional way updating the build, I could get the rejected decision from Apple.
BUT, what happens if I choose OTA update feature to deploy this upload photo function for the app? Any chance on someday my app is removed from AppStore??? that will be terrible !

Really expect some advices! Thank you so much

Is it possible…I suppose but that assumes you never push an updated build with updated infoplist in app.json. I’d say if you push out a new feature that needs to be reflected in infoplist just make sure you add it to your app.json on next build and deploy to app store.

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