OTA update doesn't work

Hi. For some reason my app stopped to get OTA updates. I didn’t change the sdk version / name / icon. How can I debug it and find the cause of it? It’s using the same sdk like the latest build submitted to appstore.

Specifically – you mean that your app that is out among users isn’t getting new updates that you published from exp / XDE?

More details would help: are the users using it through the Expo app, or standalone, or detached? Are you sure you’re "publish"ing the app and not just changing the code (this would only update your developer version)?

Yes. I have that app installed on my phone. I published the latest changes to the expo and I can see those changes using expo app on my phone. When I open the real app from appstore I see the latest standalone build I sent through the itunesconnect without my bugfix :frowning: It’s not detached.

:thinking: did you maybe update to a newer SDK version in your app’s source and the standalone app supports maximum an older SDK version?