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My app is finally on the app store, hourra, however something strange is happening :
on my expo.io account I have two versions of my app, lets call the app myapp and I have :

I don’t really know why i have these two, I always used myApp (in the slug in app.json, when publishing in the browser…)

If I check the myApp builds I can see that it is the one that was used for building the iOs and Android builds. However it seems that the app, when opened in iOs is using the myapp version. I made a small changes, visible when using the myApp version in expo.io and I can not see it in the app in iOs. As far as I know for OTA update I just have to republish my app with the same name and the apps on the devices will update on their own. Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @ivonig,

OTA updates are identified by the account name and slug value. I would recommend creating a new build and ensuring you have the desired slug value value in your app.json. There’s a chance the binary you built has the lowercase slug bundled with it.


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