Organization home page returns 404 and project pages don't show QR codes

When I go to the organization page (i.e., orgname on Expo) for an organization I’m a member of, I see a 404 page whether I’m logged in or not.

The project pages (e.g., Expo) for my organizations’ projects are just showing a badge, with no QR code or any project details. Again, this happens whether authenticated or otherwise, and I’ve confirmed these projects are public.

These changes appear to coincide with the change (and redirect) from @orgname/projects/project-slug to /@orgname/project-slug for project pages.

If the org/project page structure has changed, which page should I now direct users to in order to have them install the sandbox app?

As of this morning, it looks like the project pages now again contain the QR code. The org pages are still 404ing though.