Option to opt-out from expo-web

We have a yarn3 monorepo setup developing a webapplication and mobile app with react/react-native from the same codebase.
Our webapplication is already set up with webpack5 and up-to-date dependencies.

Unfortulatly, expo-cli non-optional requires xls, which requires @expo/webpack-config and many dependencies are not used by our project but appear in our dependency report as outdated and possible risky dependencies.

That is why we would love to see expo-web being an optional addition to the expo/react-native stack for those that want to use it. For all other expo users it would yield in way smaller dependency lists.

What do you think about that?

in sdk 46 we are moving to the local cli and there is no dependency on @expo/webpack-config in it

additionally, you should install expo-cli globally rather than as a project dependency