Optimize Assets?

The new expo-cli (2.17.1) now prompts to optimize assets:

raphaelrk@Raphaels-MBP-3 ~/H/h/hangline> expo publish
It seems your assets have not been optimized yet.
? Do you want to optimize assets now? Yes
Running this command will overwrite the original assets.
? Do you want to save a backup of each file? (Y/n) [ctrl-C]

I’m not quite sure how to describe this feeling, but basically: the prompt is a bit scary. Would it be possible for these optimized assets to move into an “optimized assets” folder instead of it overwriting the assets I have right now? Or am I getting worried when I shouldn’t be?

Hey @raphaelrk,

If your concerned, I would just select yes to saving a backup which will keep your original file but also create an optimized one.


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