Opening app with deep link (standalone app)

Hi everyone!

I have a problem when I open the application from a deep link: the navigation stack does not load and I can’t navigate inside the app.

Stage: The app is killed and a deep link opens the app. The app opens and navigates to the screen specified in the deep link but I can’t do anything else (e.g: go to the previous screen) because it doesn’t load my stack.

I have this:

  • scheme: myapp


const Stack = createStackNavigator()

<NavigationContainer  linking={LinkingConfiguration} onReady={async () => await getInitialURL()}>
     * my stack *

const getInitialURL = async ()  => {
  const url = await Linking.getInitialURL();
  if (url != null) {
    return url

LinkingConfiguration file:

prefixes: ["myapp://"]
config: { myConfiguration },

 subscribe(listener) {
    const onReceiveURL = ({ url }: { url: string }) => {

    // Listen to incoming links from deep linking
    Linking.addEventListener('url', onReceiveURL);

    return () => {
      // Clean up the event listeners
      Linking.removeEventListener('url', onReceiveURL);

I tried to set a timeout before returning the url but it didn’t work.

Could you help me?

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